Extra Class Sessions

At times, faculty may wish to require an assignment that requires students to attend sessions outside ordinary class time. For example, a faculty member teaching a summer course may wish to administer an exam outside class time in order to devote all scheduled class time to teaching and learning activities, or a faculty member may require field trips that occur at a different place and time than the scheduled class.

If the additional requirement will require additional sessions of classes held at the School, they must be scheduled with the Registrar and Student Services at the time the semester schedule is submitted to the Registrar’s Office.┬áThe information will be included in the scheduling materials so that students are aware of all course requirements prior to registration.

In addition, all such extra class requirements must be included in course syllabi so that students can be aware of the requirements and plan accordingly. Faculty are responsible for keeping their syllabi current and for posting them so that all students, both in the course and those considering taking the course, can have access to them.