Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct is any intentional act or omission by a student that misrepresents his or her academic achievements, or any attempt to misrepresent his or her academic achievements. The following acts constitute academic misconduct:

  • Cheating on examinations
  • Plagiarism
  • Submitting the same work in more than one course without explicit written consent of all the instructors
  • Misrepresentation or falsification of data
  • Allowing another student to represent your work as his or her own
  • Violating the rules of an examination or assignment

If a faculty member suspects that a student has committed an act of academic misconduct, the faculty member will offer the student an opportunity to meet with him or her to inform the student of the concern and to obtain the student’s response. If the faculty member believes that a charge of academic misconduct is warranted, he or she will notify Associate Dean for Education Professor Lisa Sullivan and provide any relevant evidence or information. Professor Sullivan may be reached at 617-638-5047.

A student who is found guilty of academic misconduct may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the School.

Unabridged copies of the entire Academic Misconduct policy may be obtained from SPH Student Services, Talbot 2-East. The document is also printed in the SPH Bulletin. To download the policy, click Academic Misconduct Policy.