Summer 2015 Schedule At A Glance

Session 1

Session 2

BS 704 B1 Introduction to Biostatistics – Milton
GH 707 A1 Field Practicum in Public Health in East Africa – MacLeod, Beard
GH708/GH709 C1 Philippines Program
GH712/GH713 C1 Field Practicum in Mexico
GH 744 A1 Program Design for Global Health – Wolff, Marona
BS 723 A1 Introduction to Statistical Computing Environments – Liu
BS 851 A1 Applied Statistics in Clincial Trials I – Massaro EP 713 B1 Introduction to Epidemiology – Healey
BS 720 A1 Introduction to R: Software for Statistical Computing Environments – McIntosh
BS 805 C1 Intermediate Statistical Computing – Peloso
EH 717 A1 Foundations of Environmental Health – Scammell
EP 740 A1 Introduction to the Epidemiology of Aging – Fredman
EP 758 C1 Nutritional Epidemiology – Spartano
LW 719 C1 Essentials of Public Health Law – Densberger
MC 730 B1 Leading Teams to Face Challenges and Achieve Results in Public Health – Bragar
MC 770 C1 Children with Special Health Care Needs – Bachman
MC 782 B1 Women and Substance Use – Bazzi
PM 733 C1 Health Program Management – Minichiello
PM 744 B1 Introduction to Health Facility Planning & Design – Breslin
PM 821 A1 Advanced Health Services Research Methods – Kazis, Cabral
SB 730 B1 Stress as a Public Health Problem – Dolan
SB 732 B1 Nutrition, Aging, and the Elder Population – Balsam
SB 822 A1 Quantitative Methods of Program Evaluation – DeJong