Cross Registration for Fall 2017 begins on April 24

Boston University School of Public Health (SPH) students are eligible to cross-register for one course per semester during Fall and Spring semesters at Tufts University, Boston College, Brandeis University, the Women’s Studies Program at MIT, and Hebrew College.

Students from Tufts, Boston College, Brandeis, and Hebrew College are eligible to cross register at SPH for one course per Fall or Spring semester pending seat availability and academic permission from the instructor.

All students who wish to cross-register for a course within the consortium must be registered for at least one course at their home school during the relevant semester. Students are charged on their home school bill and grades are transmitted to their university’s registrar’s office during the end of the semester grading period. Grades display on the home school transcript. Students planning to graduate should be cautious about completing a cross registered course during their final semester.

International students registering at BU through the consortium must  set up a file with the Office of International Students and Scholars at Boston University (ISSO) and establish a health record according to Student Health Services requirements.

Procedure for SPH Students

SPH students must complete a Cross Registration form for BU Students with the SPH Registrar’s Office.  The student must then bring the completed form to the selected consortium school at which the student wishes to enroll.  Each school establishes registration procedures and timelines.

In addition to the cross registration documents, SPH students must submit a Request for Transfer Credit Approval or Pre-Approval, if they intend for the course to “count” towards their SPH degree program. The cross registration credits count towards the maximum of eight (8) credits students may apply to the MPH program.  Students in other programs must verify their eligibility for cross-registration courses with their program director.

It is possible that a host institution would allow registration, but that the course would not be approved for transfer credit at SPH. Therefore, SPH students are urged to start the transfer credit process well ahead of the registration procedure.

If the course is approved by the host institution, the SPH student brings a signed copy of the Cross-Registration form back to the BUSPH Registrar’s Office for processing at SPH, along with a completed SPH paper add/drop form for that semester. The student is registered for the number of credits that BUSPH would allow for the course. This process may take up to six weeks. Students must anticipate implications in terms of changing status, being in the correct status, or adding charges to their account (i.e., medical insurance) with the added course credits from the cross-registered course.

Students must contact both the host and home registrar’s office when adding or dropping a class and will be required to complete forms at both schools. The deadlines and academic guidelines of both schools must be met. Students should contact the host university directly for specific class calendars and deadlines.

Procedure for Consortium Students Cross Registering at SPH

Boston Consortium students who are interested in enrolling for courses at SPH must register with the School of Public Health Registrar’s Office, not the Charles River Campus Registrar’s Office at 881 Commonwealth Avenue. Complete the Cross Registration Form and submit this form with your University’s completed cross registration petition to the BU School of Public Health’s Registrar. Forms may be scanned and e-mailed or faxed.  If you do not have the signature of the SPH professor giving you permission to enroll in the class from an academic perspective, you may substitute an e-mail from the professor.  No student will be registered without academic approval from the faculty teaching the course.

Contact information: SPH Registrar’s Office, fax: 617-638-5060