Student Resources and Community

Student resources, events, and news are posted daily to the Boston University School of Public Health Student Section. Check it regularly for updates!

Student Health and Behavioral Medicine

BUSPH students have several options for health and medical care, as outlined in the Student Handbook. Students should always refer to their insurance brochure and policy for coverage options, benefits and any restrictions.


Disability Services

Students requiring disability services are encouraged to meet with Mary Murphy-Phillips, Director of Student and Educational Services, who is the BUSPH liaison to the Boston University Office of Disability Services. Students may also refer to the School of Public Health Student Handbook for more information.

Core Course Tutoring

Core course tutoring is available free of charge for MPH degree candidates who are at risk of getting a B- or below in a core course. A student who is at risk is usually identified as:

  • Any student who is on academic probation at the start of the semester.
  • Any student who is retaking a course to improve a below minimum grade.
  • Any student with below 80% on the midterm or below 80% average in the course after two or more assessments.

Students should contact their instructor or the Educational Resources Coordinator to request core course tutoring.

Writing Assistance Program

Strong oral and written communication skills are essential for addressing the health needs of the communities served by public health professionals. Peer writing assistance is available free of charge for MPH degree candidates who wish to improve their public health writing. Writing assistance, which is designed to assist all levels of writers, is provided for all courses that have a writing component. Students bring two printed copies of the latest draft of the writing assignment and two printed copies of the assignment description to the appointment.   Students may have up to two writing appointments per assignment and no more than 14 appointments per semester. Writing assistance is not provided for culminating experiences.

Visit or contact the  Educational Resources Coordinator for more information or to schedule an appointment.

The International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO)

The ISSO provides professional expertise on immigration and employment issues to students, faculty, and staff at Boston University. Students who have questions regarding their required registration or necessary documents for travel or study should contact the ISSO.

The School of Public Health contact is Elizabeth Mirarchi

Student Organizations and Advocacy

Every year, SPH Student Organizations plan, promote, and run a full schedule of symposia, lectures, and programs that draw attention to critical public health and human rights issues. Getting involved in student organizations allows you the opportunity to meet people who share your interests, explore public health, and get to know the community.

The Office of Student Financial Services (OSFS)

The OSFS can provide you with assistance in obtaining loans and financing your education at the School of Public Health.  It is a good idea to contact them often throughout your time at BU.  Additionally, all students who have taken out loans are required to schedule exit counseling as part of the graduation process.

OSFS Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Contact Information:

Boston University Medical Campus
Student Financial Services (SFS)
72 East Concord Street, Room A303
Boston, Massachusetts 02118

Phone: (617) 638-5130 or toll-free (877) 776-6243

Fax: (617) 638-5116