Career Pathways

MPH graduates with the environmental health concentration work today as directors of public health or environmental health for cities and towns, as program managers in state and federal health agencies, and in many roles in non-profit agencies. Other alumni hold research positions in public and private health research organizations, work as consultants in private risk assessment companies, or are physicians in occupational and environmental clinics. Each year, BUSPH alumni enter a wide range of jobs aimed at preventing environmental exposures and protecting public health.

Career Advising

Career advising opportunities are available to students in numerous ways. The Career Services Office, faculty advisors, other faculty, alumni, and field practice supervisors provide valuable guidance to students so that they may use their coursework as a springboard for employment. As members of the active public health workforce, adjunct teaching faculty also provide career counseling and referrals about public health employment and long-term career planning. Additionally, many students receive career advising from their supervisor and colleagues at their field practice site. These individuals can speak practically about employment in the field and often serve as contacts for mentoring, job searches, and contacts for future employment opportunities.

The Career Services Office (Location: Career Center, Talbot 113 East)

The Career Services Office provides the resources, tools, and advice students need to make the career decisions that best fit their objectives.  Students are encouraged to start thinking about their careers early, and should contact the Career Services Office for their first individual career advising appointment at The following is a list of services available to students and alumni in the School of Public Health:

Individual Career Counseling

Appointments are available to discuss career-related topics including self-assessment, developing powerful marketing tools (resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, elevator pitch, etc) identifying alumni and employer networks, creating a targeted career action plan, and talking through/practicing interview strategies. In addition, Career Services Office helps students to evaluate and negotiate job offers and career opportunities.

Resume/Cover Letter Critiques

Students interested in having their resumes or cover letters reviewed can make an individual appointment or attend a drop-in session.  Drop-in sessions are advertised through the Career Services Office website at as well as the weekly Thursday Career Updatenewsletter.

Career Workshops

Workshops are conducted throughout the semester in the areas of job search strategies including such topics as resume/cover letter writing, networking, out of state job searches and interviewing techniques.   For a full list of current workshops, visit the Career Services Office website  These are also advertised through the weekly Thursday Career Updatenewsletter.  Note:  Workshops may be co-sponsored with specific concentrations, and tailored to meet the needs of their students.

Alumni Career Panels/Employer Information Sessions

Career panels featuring BUSPH alumni and public health employers are held several times a semester. Alumni speak about their career paths and offer career advice, while employers speak about their organizations, their recruiting processes, and the career opportunities available for BUSPH candidates.  These sessions also offer students an excellent networking opportunity for informational interviews, as well as connections that may help with present and future job searches.  Note:  These panels and sessions are often co-sponsored with specific concentrations, and tailored to meet the needs of their students.

Alumni Networking

The Career Services Office, in partnership with the Office of Alumni & Development, often connects students with alumni working in their field of interest for informational interviews and networking conversations.  In addition, the Career Services Office partners with the Practice Office and Office of Alumni Relations & Development to host an annual Student/Alumni networking event.

Career P.R.E.P. Program

Delivered in a “cohort” model, this semester-based program is designed for BUSPH students who want to learn powerful skills to more effectively market themselves during their job search.  It is designed for entry-level students (less than 3 years out of undergraduate). The program covers all of the steps in the job search process, from self-assessment to strategies for success once the job begins (and everything in between). Students must have completed their first semester to qualify.  Attendance and assignments are required.  For more information, visit the Career Services Office website at

Annual Career Fair

The BUSPH Career Fair is held every February to allow students and alumni to learn about jobs, practicums and internship opportunities from employer exhibitors representing a diverse range of sectors and settings including government, health service providers, academia, community health, international NGO’s, consulting, and more.  This event is co-sponsored with the Practice Office, and has attracted over 40 employers each year to campus.

Annual Fellowship Fair and Fellowships

The BUSPH Fellowship Fair is held every September to allow students and alumni to learn about fellowship opportunities from a diverse range of fellowship organizations including global NGO’s, academic institutions, hospitals and community organizations.  The Career Services Office also promotes available fellowship opportunities on SPH CareerLink, and maintains a listing of national and international fellowship opportunities on the Career Services Office website at under “Fellowship Opportunities”.

On-Line Resume Book

Students have the opportunity to submit their resumes to be part of an annual on-line resume book that is available to employers looking to hire for open positions.

On-Line Career Library

The Career Library (accessed through the Career Services Office website) is a place to find templates and tip sheets covering topics such as resumes, cover letters, interview techniques, developing your elevator pitch, networking for success, using LinkedIN and salary negotiation.  In addition, there is a section dedicated to each SPH concentration enabling students to learn about industry and occupational trends, specific job functions and titles (and competencies desired), industry-specific professional associations and job boards.

Job Board/SPH CareerLink

SPH CareerLink is a 24-7 web-based career management tool that allows students and alumni the opportunity to view job and internship postings, upload and update resumes, apply directly to positions, and enable their resumes to be viewed by employers through on-line resume books.  Jobs are posted on a daily basis and typically stay posted for 30 days.  In addition, SPH CareerLink has a document library which houses information on topics such as job search techniques, resume and cover letter writing, networking and interview preparation.

Thursday Career Update (Career Services Newsletter)

The Career Services Office sends out a weekly newsletter – in partnership with the Practice Office – which is located in the Student Insider at  The newsletter is sent to all BUSPH students and graduates up to 6 months post-graduation.  This is where students and graduates may find out about current job opportunities, view where new graduates are landing positions, and learn about upcoming career and networking events (internal and external).  The newsletter also features current career articles.

Career Services Office Web Page (

Students, alumni and employers may visit the Career Services Office website to learn about services and partnership opportunities, view online resources, visit a calendar of events, and see information regarding annual graduate employment.

For more information contact:

Lisa Toby
Assistant Dean, Career Services
Office: Talbot, T113C
Phone: 617-638-4675

Maria McCarthy
Director, Advising and Career Development
Office: Talbot, T113B
Phone: 617-638-4602

Lauri Rich
Director, Outreach and Career Development
Office: Talbot, T113A
Phone: 617-414-1405