Superfund Basic Research Program at Boston University

The Boston University Superfund Research Program is an interdisciplinary program that conducts and communicates research on the impacts of improperly managed hazardous wastes. Specifically, we study the effects of exposures to substances commonly encountered in hazardous waste disposal on reproduction and development in humans and wildlife. The program is divided into five projects within two main areas: 1) Epidemiological Studies and 2) Methods and Mechanisms. The program also includes five cores, which provide support both to the program itself as well as to communities and other researchers.

Lead SPH Researcher

David Sherr

SPH Co-Investigators

Ann AschengrauDavid SherrMadeleine ScammellMichael McCleanJonathan LevyThomas WebsterPatricia FabianJennifer SchlezingerWendy Heiger-Bernays.

Lead SPH Research Center

Superfund Basic Research Program at Boston University