The VR-36© and VR-12© are generic instruments to measure health related quality of life. The VR-6D© is a utility metric derived from the VR-12© useful in cost-effectiveness analyses. There are more than 5 million administrations globally.

The VR-36©, VR-12© and VR-6D© questionnaires, scoring algorithms and imputation programs are all in the public domain and available for use on special request from the developers.

Request permission to use the VR-36©, VR-12© or VR-6d© documentation and scoring algorithms.

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The VR-36©, VR-12© and VR-6D© were developed with the support and endorsement of the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

The computer programs to create VR scales and PCS/MCS summaries are copyright (all rights reserved) by the Trustees of Boston University to ensure the integrity of the assessments.