2007 New England Membrane Enzyme Group (NUTMEG) Conference

The 25th anniversary NUTMEG Conference will be held October 14-16, 2007 in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.  Long-affiliated members will be honored for their contributions and the Karen Wetterhahn and David Kupfer Awards will be presented.  The keynote speaker is  Michael Denison, UC Davis.

NUTMEG 2007 will also host a gathering of researchers from the three New England Superfund Basic Research Programs and meeting of Superfund Directors.  One half day will be designated the “Superfund Session”.


Day One: Sunday, October 14th
-Hotel Check In (Nautilus Motor Inn, Village Campus)

Day Two: Monday, October 15th
-Keynote Speaker: Professor Michael Denison, UC Davis
-8:30am, Clark 507 (Quissett Campus)
-Sponsored by the David Kupfer Fund

-Platform Presentations
-9am-3pm, Clark 507 (Quissett Campus)

-4pm-6pm, Clark 507 (Quissett Campus)

-Banquet:  Time/Location TBD

Day Three: Tuesday, October 16th
-Presentations:  Superfund Basic Research Center

-Closing Remarks

-Hotel Check Out (Nautilus Motor Inn)

September 20, 2007