Optum Preliminary Research Application

This document summarizes the project for first level project triage. All members of the project team are subject to Optum Labs policies and procedures, applicable services agreements, work orders, licensing agreements, contracts and other agreements with Optum Labs. This document will be used for project oversight, accountability, coordination of activities and decision making.

  • Applicant Contact Information

  • Project Summary

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  • Describe how stakeholders could benefit from or implement project results to improve patient care or outcomes (as applicable)

  • Deliverables

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  • Resource / Staffing Plan

  • RoleName (if known) & organizationDuration of involvement (# weeks)Hours/weekWill work be performed in Optum Labs, Cambridge, MA USA facility? 
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  • Preliminary Project Duration

    For each task, give the expected duration of activity (weeks), from final approval and funding
  • NOTE: Optum Labs may change this template at its sole discretion. Previously approved PRAs will not need to be resubmitted solely because of a change in this PRA template.