Exposure Biology Research Group

The Exposure Biology Research Group (EBRG), directed by Dr. Michael McClean, is an interdisciplinary research group in the department of Environmental Health at the Boston University School of Public Health. Our primary research focus is on the use of biological markers to assess environmental and occupational exposures via multiple pathways with respect to exposure-related disease.

Dr. McClean and EBRG personnel are currently collaborating on the following projects:

  • Measuring Human Exposure to PBDEs (PI: Tom Webster, DSc; BUSPH)
  • The Boston Collaborative Oral Cancer Study (PI: Karl Kelsey, MD, MOH; Brown University)
  • Secondhand Tobacco Smoke and Alcohol in Head and Neck Cancer (PI: Michael McClean, ScD; BUSPH)
  • Investigation of Chronic Kidney Disease in Nicaragua (PI: Daniel Brooks, DSc; BUSPH)
  • Assessing Vapor Intrusion Exposure and Risk (PI: David Ozonoff, MD, MPH; BUSPH)
  • Jet Fuel Exposure and Neurological Health in Military Personnel (PI: Susan Proctor, DSc; US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine)
  • PAC Exposure among Asphalt Workers (PI: Robert Herrick, ScD; Harvard School of Public Health)

The EBRG consists of a research coordinator, eight research assistants, five doctoral students, and space within the 3,500 square foot Environmental Health Laboratory—shared by Dr. McClean and three other faculty members in the department of Environmental Health. Our laboratory is equipped with a range of direct reading field instruments (Innov-X Portable XRF Analyzer, TSI Sidepaks, personal air sampling pumps, etc.) as well as equipment necessary to collect, process and store environmental and biological samples in support of extensive field investigations. Several of the research staff are trained and experienced phlebotomists.

We thank you for your interest and invite you to explore our website to learn more about our research and our team. Feel free to contact us for more information.