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It’s one thing when a school’s faculty conducts research that informs the academic curriculum—and another when it informs public policy.

The groundbreaking research at SPH does both. Our faculty members helped bring about recognition of Gulf War illness. Longevity research yielded a breakthrough in our understanding of genetic determinants of human lifespan. Scholarship in health law, bioethics, and human rights continues to challenge and influence patients’ rights policy and practice. And SPH researchers have provided public legislators with sound science-based input on policy, influencing local government actions on water quality and global presidential health initiatives on combating malaria.

Today our $44.5 million research portfolio is one of the largest at Boston University—and growing. Our faculty are actively engaged in large, community-based epidemiological studies and bench science research in our own labs, many relying on graduate students to assist them in all facets of study design, methodology, data collection, and final analysis for peer-reviewed publication.

SPH research teams are currently uncovering links between airplane noise and cardiovascular disease, combating infant mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa, and trying to stem tobacco use by minors here at home. The results of this work? Improved health outcomes of entire populations, not just individual patients.