Sydney Rosen

Sydney B. Rosen, MPA

Research Professor, Global Health - Boston University School of Public Health


Sydney Rosen, M.P.A., is a Research Professor in the Department of Global Health at the Boston University School of Public Health and a Co-Director of the Health Economics and Epidemiology Research Office (HE2RO) of the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her research addresses the economic consequences of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and in particular the outcomes, costs, cost-effectiveness, and benefits of HIV and TB care and treatment interventions and models of service delivery. She is the principal investigator of multiple USAID-, NIH-, and foundation-supported studies and evaluations in South Africa and has worked extensively in Zambia and Kenya. She is also the author of policy and review papers on the business response to AIDS, the rationing of antiretroviral therapy, and the retention of patients in HIV/AIDS care and treatment programs. Her current projects include AMBIT, EVIDENCE, MATI, and EQUIP, all described on the BUSPH website. Professor Rosen’s technical training is in policy analysis and applied economics. She holds a BA magna cum laude from Harvard University and an MPA from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

Other Positions

  • Co-Division Head, Health Economics and Epidemiology Research Office - University of the Witwatersrand


  • Harvard University, MPA Field of Study: Economics
  • Harvard University, AB Field of Study: History


  • Published on 3/18/2021

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  • Published on 3/1/2021

    Scott NA, Maskew M, Fong RM, Olson IE, Brennan AT, Fox MP, Vezi L, Ehrenkranz PD, Rosen S. Patient Perspectives of Quality of the Same-Day Antiretroviral Therapy Initiation Process in Gauteng Province, South Africa: Qualitative Dominant Mixed-Methods Analysis of the SLATE II Trial. Patient. 2021 Mar; 14(2):175-186. PMID: 32909218.

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  • Published on 2/2/2021

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  • Published on 11/1/2020

    Long L, Kuchukhidze S, Pascoe S, Nichols BE, Fox MP, Cele R, Govathson C, Huber AN, Flynn D, Rosen S. Retention in care and viral suppression in differentiated service delivery models for HIV treatment delivery in sub-Saharan Africa: a rapid systematic review. J Int AIDS Soc. 2020 11; 23(11):e25640. PMID: 33247517.

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  • Published on 10/9/2020

    Min Thaung Y, Chasela CS, Chew KW, Minior T, Lwin AA, Sein YY, Drame N, Marange F, van der Horst C, Thwin HT, Freiman MJ, Gandhi MM, Bijl M, Wose Kinge C, Rosen S, Thura S, Mohamed S, Xulu T, Naing AY, Barralon M, Cavenaugh C, Kyi KP, Sanne I. Treatment outcomes and costs of a simplified antiviral treatment strategy for hepatitis C among monoinfected and HIV and/or hepatitis B virus-co-infected patients in Myanmar. J Viral Hepat. 2021 01; 28(1):147-158. PMID: 32935438.

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  • Published on 9/6/2020

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  • Published on 9/1/2020

    Nichols BE, Offorjebe OA, Cele R, Shaba F, Balakasi K, Chivwara M, Hoffman RM, Long LC, Rosen S, Dovel K. Economic evaluation of facility-based HIV self-testing among adult outpatients in Malawi. J Int AIDS Soc. 2020 09; 23(9):e25612. PMID: 32909387.

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  • Published on 8/27/2020

    Maskew M, Brennan AT, Fox MP, Vezi L, Venter WDF, Ehrenkranz P, Rosen S. A clinical algorithm for same-day HIV treatment initiation in settings with high TB symptom prevalence in South Africa: The SLATE II individually randomized clinical trial. PLoS Med. 2020 08; 17(8):e1003226. PMID: 32853271.

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  • Published on 7/29/2020

    Rosen S, Grimsrud A, Ehrenkranz P, Katz I. Models of service delivery for optimizing a patient's first six months on antiretroviral therapy for HIV: an applied research agenda. Gates Open Res. 2020; 4:116. PMID: 32875281.

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  • Published on 7/1/2020

    Larson BA, Pascoe SJ, Huber A, Long LC, Murphy J, Miot J, Fox MP, Fraser-Hurt N, Rosen S. Will differentiated care for stable HIV patients reduce healthcare systems costs? J Int AIDS Soc. 2020 07; 23(7):e25541. PMID: 32686911.

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