Patricia A. Roche, JD

Associate Professor, Health Law, Policy & Management
Patricia Roche
Talbot – T356W
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Center for Health Law, Ethics and Human Rights faculty member Winnie Roche practiced law in Massachusetts before joining the faculty of the School of Public Health. Her research and writing focuses on privacy, patient rights, and the impact of genetics on social policy, public health, and medical practice. She is also interested in the legal and ethical issues that arise in geriatric medicine. As Chair of the Catastrophic Illness in Children's Relief Fund Commission she worked with the Department of Public Health to provide tangible support to families in Massachusetts.


  • Antioch University New England, MEd
  • Newton College of the Sacred Heart, BA
  • Franklin Pierce Law Center, JD

Classes Taught

  • SPHLW719
  • SPHLW951
  • SPHPH719
  • SPHPH719


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