Gouri Gupte, PhD

Assistant Professor, Health Policy & Management
Gouri Gupte
(617) 414-1426gourig@bu.edu
Talbot – T264W
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Gouri Gupte, Ph.D., MHA, has expertise in implementing quality improvement (QI) processes (Six sigma, Lean and Kaizen) through efficient project management and strategic alignment in health care both in national and international settings. She teaches similar graduate level courses on Operations management, Strategy management and Lean management in healthcare to the Masters in Public Health students. Her current consulting work includes QI projects at Veterans Affairs and Boston Medical Center. Her research projects include understanding physician productivity, using interventions such as e-consults, designing and teaching QI curriculum for fellows and residents, improving flow in units. She has also worked on an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality ACTION II contract focused on understanding resources for systems redesign in safety net hospitals. As a faculty she has also been engaged in developing curricula that are more learner-centered and activity driven. Previously, she has worked in the public health system of Australia and then India on projects using Six Sigma methodology. She assisted Symbiosis University design it’s Masters in Health Administration program. Dr. Gupte originally began her career as a physician in India but since has been focused on healthcare management. She completed her Masters in Health Administration at LaTrobe University in Melbourne, Australia. Before working at Boston University she completed her Ph.D at University of Alabama at Birmingham, focusing on strategic management in healthcare.

Other Positions:

  • Assistant Professor, Geriatrics, Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine


  • University of Alabama-Birmingham, PhD
  • Poona University (Pune University), BMS

Classes Taught

  • SPHPM827
  • SPHPM827
  • SPHPM827
  • SPHPM832
  • SPHPM835


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  • Published on 5/20/2015

    Vimalananda V, Gupte G, Seraj S, Orlander J, Berlowitz D, Fincke SS . Electronic consultations (e-consults) to improve access to specialty care: A systematic review and narrative synthesis. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare. 2015.

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  • Published on 12/1/2014

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  • Published on 1/1/1900

    Electronic consultations (e-consults) to improve access to specialty care: A systematic review and narrative synthesis.

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