Spotlight on Obesity

The Boston University School of Public Health Spotlight on Obesity is a two-year School-wide initiative to examine the national obesity epidemic from an interdisciplinary public health perspective. Read More

“Walk the Walk” Challenge Winner—Team Twende with 972,629 steps!

Walk the Walk Challenge Winner—Team Twende with 972,629 steps! As a community, we walked a total of 37,282,421 steps or 18,641 miles. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Highlighted Issues

Obesity Research

BUSM professor describes current obesity research around biochemical factors contributing to obesity—dispelling the belief that obesity is caused by diet and exercise alone. Read More

Food Marketing

Professor Michael Siegel, a public health advocacy and mass communication expert, discusses the insidious challenges to obesity prevention efforts posed by the food industry and corporate marketing. Read More

Community Interventions

Mass Department of Public Health fights obesity through prevention and wellness programs in schools, workplaces, and communities across the state. Hear from the Director of Community Health. Read More

Obesity in the Media

Study Ties Diabetic Crises to Dip in Food Budgets — The New York Times
Can The Obesity Epidemic Be Reversed — Or Does Obesity Represent A New Stage In Human Evolution? — Forbes