About Spotlight

Spotlight is a school-wide program to engage the BUSPH community in education, research, and practice by addressing a single topic from a public health perspective.

Spotlight aims to emphasize the interconnectedness of the BUSPH concentrations and to bring together students, faculty, and the surrounding community through a variety of activities. This method allows students to apply the core functions of public health (assessment, policy, assurance) to an identified problem.

The Practice Office presents interactive case studies, lectures, films, and student-centered projects to spur critical analysis and discussion through a public health lens. In addition to academic and research-driven activities, Spotlight features a range of opportunities to apply public health principles and engage with the local community.

The topic of our current Spotlight series, mental health, was selected based on overwhelming support in a poll of BUSPH students, faculty, and staff, as well as input from out community public health partners. Spotlight on Mental Health began in September 2014 and will continue until May 2016. Read more about the history of Spotlight.