How-To Workshops

Lifelong learning is at the heart of the Practice Office’s work. We sponsor many opportunities for faculty, students staff and SPH community collaborators to hone their public health skills outside of the classroom, through free workshops, seminars and our online video archive.

How-To Workshops 2015-16

This year the Practice Office will be holding workshops which focus on discrete skills every public health professional needs. These workshops are offered to all students, staff, faculty, and practice partners and fulfills the practicum learning experiences requirement. To view a full list of our workshops: “How-To…” Workshops

Other Professional Development Opportunities

Appropriate learning experiences (e.g., seminars, workshops, classes, etc.) must:

  • focus on skills in any of a variety of arenas, e.g., management, communications and advocacy; planning and strategy; project management; research skills. (In most cases, an appropriate seminar topic could be described as “How to ……”)
  • total at least two hours (minimum of 1 hour per skill addressed)
  • be pre-approved by the Practice Office, with the exception of the Practice Office “How-To…” Workshops. Email Dr. Anne Fidler, Assistant Dean for Public Health Practice, at with the following:
    1. the title and location of their proposed activities,
    2. the number of hours,
    3. a brief description of the skills addressed.

Note that if a student is participating in a session that fulfills another requirement (e.g., for another course), it may not be counted towards fulfilling the practicum professional development requirement.

Each of the learning experiences must address different skills, meaning each student must address at least two skills. Attendance at the learning experiences must be verified, by sign-in (for SPH How To… Workshops), signature on Verification of Attendance Form, or other proof (signature or email from activity sponsor/presenter).

Additional Pre-approved Workshops:

  • Boston University’s Information Services & Technology Trainings provides ongoing technology education sessions which cover areas that help make you more effective and efficient when working with today’s technology. Most of these sessions will count towards the requirement. Email Dr. Anne Fidler, Assistant Dean for Public Health Practice, at for pre-approval. Click here for calendar.
  • Online skill-based trainings that will result in a certification or other documentation with proof of completion. These trainings must be pre-approved Dr. Anne Fidler, Assistant Dean for Public Health Practice, at Only one of the two required professional development learning experiences can be met through this method

The below links have some courses that could be of interest:

There are many web-based trainings available through these sites.  A training identified (here or elsewhere) may be appropriate to meet the practicum requirement if:

  • it addresses a skill useful to a public health practitioner (as opposed to a  knowledge-based topic)
  • it is at least one hour in length to complete
  • it requires an evaluation or post-test that leads to a certificate of completion

Recommend a Professional Development Opportunity

Do you know of a public health professional development opportunity that isn’t listed here? Email Dr. Anne Fidler with details on the event and why you think it should be promoted by the Practice Office. Your colleagues will appreciate all your suggestions.

Please include in your e-mail:

  • Title of the Event
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Cost
  • Sponsoring organization
  • A contact for more information
  • A short description