Professional Development

The practicum experience helps SPH students gain experience and develop practical skills. But you’ll find other opportunities to develop professionally, too. We encourage you to take advantage of these learning programs and chances to interact with practicing public health professionals.

How-to workshops

Want to learn how to write a grant proposal or conduct a library search? Need some help using Excel for your research studies? Throughout the year, the Practice Office holds free workshops on a variety of must-have professional skills. All students, staff, faculty, and practice partners are welcome. For students completing a practicum, the workshops fulfill the learning experiences requirement.

You can register for upcoming skill sessions through our office here.

Public Health in Action events

Twice a year, students gather with working professionals, community partners, and industry representatives to discuss scenarios and case studies on timely public health issues. Sponsored by the Practice Office, these Public Health in Action events have dealt with food supply contamination, reproductive education in elementary schools, gun control legislation, and New York City’s proposed ban on large soft drinks. Come for great discussions and new contacts!

Professional organization memberships

Beyond the scope of Boston University, you’ll find opportunities for training and career connections in professional organizations. Some of these provide reduced membership rates available for students: