Community Partnerships

Parterning with Community Organizations in Greater Boston

A goal of SPH is to partner with community organizations in order to identify and address public health issues that are of concern to the communities that surround the Boston University Medical Campus. Throughout the year, the Practice Office facilitates and provides health and education programs in partnership with our neighbors in Greater Boston. These programs offer important opportunities for the School to engage with the community and have resulted in a number of meaningful practicum opportunities.

New Faces in Public Health is an annual forum designed to introduce high school students to the field of public health through the eyes and experiences of BU faculty, staff, and graduate students. The Practice Office works with the Boston Public Health Commission and science- and health-themed high schools throughout Boston to promote the field in an interactive, fun way.

Spring Break Challenge is an intensive, interdisciplinary program that challenges teams of students from the School of Public Health, BU School of Social Work, and BU Sargent College to address a specific public health problem related to obesity in the local community. During this annual program, students assess factors that promote healthy behaviors and motivate youth and seniors to use the new BU‐funded fitness center at the Blackstone Community Center. Students present their findings to a panel of judges and community members and the winning team is awarded a cash prize.