The Health of Refugees: Europe in Crisis

October 13, 2015

1–2 p.m.
Instructional Building
72 East Concord Street
Hiebert Lounge
Live-Streaming Available During Event

Maria Sacchetti

Staff Reporter, Boston Globe

Amy Slaughter

Chief Strategy Officer, RefugePoint

Sondra Crosby

Director, Immigrant and Refugee Health Program, Boston Medical Center
Associate Professor, Boston University School of Public Health and Boston University School of Medicine

Information on Ways to Help

Refugee Council USA – Guide to Helping Syrian Refugees

Additional Resources to Help Syrian and Other Refugees

Refugee Council USA

Gives information on petitions to sign to increase resettlement numbers, congressional hearings to attend, guidance on calling your senators/representatives, where to donate, spreading the word on social media, and hosting awareness-raising events.

Massachusetts Office of Refugees and Immigrants (MORI)

Under “Get Involved: Volunteer!” there’s a list of local resettlement agencies that would likely welcome volunteers.

New England International Donors

List of agencies (big and small) in need of donations.