Health Law, Ethics & Human Rights

Promoting justice and protecting health

Do the right thing.

Public health policy poses increasingly nuanced questions of law, ethics, and human rights—from religious objections to insurance coverage of contraceptives to the size of soda containers. The School-wide Center for Health Law, Ethics & Human Rights bridges the gap between public health’s expanding scope and the capacity of academic programs to offer research, education, and advocacy in law, ethics, and human rights.

Our internationally renowned faculty address real-world problems as members of state, national, and international committees and task forces. We bring together experts in many disciplines, including visiting scholars from around the world, and offer post-doctoral fellowships. Our research targets contemporary health policies. We put that research into practice by providing testimony, submitting amicus briefs, and advising government agencies and organizations in health care, biotechnology, and various other fields.

Health Law, Policy & Management News


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