Faculty Development

“Faculty are the most important resource for any institution of higher education…. BU School of Public Health recognizes that faculty work is increasingly complex and challenging, and that faculty need and expect organizational support to help them improve their skills and succeed in their efforts as educators and scholars.” BUSPH Strategic Plan 2010-2015

Michael McClean is the Assistant Dean of Faculty Development at BUSPH. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Health, where he directs the PhD program and oversees the Exposure Biology Research Group. He was appointed in September 2014, succeeding Marianne Prout, a professor of epidemiology who served as the School’s first Director of Faculty Development since October 2010. He will continue Marianne’s foundational work to strengthen and expand the School’s efforts to implement an effective program in faculty development that encompasses teaching, research, practice and management.

The mission of the Faculty Development program is to ensure that each faculty member at BUSPH is in the best possible position to succeed. Accordingly, the goal is to provide a vibrant and comprehensive program that addresses the needs of BUSPH faculty members at every career stage. We aim to increase the visibility and use of existing faculty development resources as well as develop new faculty development initiatives. So your suggestions are encouraged and much appreciated.

Please contact Michael McClean directly at mmcclean@bu.edu or 617-638-7755.