Copyright Information

General Guidelines

As we increasingly “surf the Net” and develop our own websites, we should remember and acknowledge that while an enormous amount of material has become readily accessible to us, text, graphics, and multimedia files on the Internet are protected by copyright. There is a significant body of information about copyright that exists online and one can start with the link below. There is perhaps more than we need to know contained within these pages, and our common sense ought to provide us with sufficient guidance in this area. In the broadest terms if you find something that you didn’t create and you want to reproduce it, ask the creator. More often than not the author would welcome both the exposure and appreciate the fact that you asked. You should consider all material copyrighted unless it specifically states otherwise. BUSPH is liable for what appears on its website, even if it has been compiled by students.

For more information on copyright at Boston University

Copyright in the Classroom – Dennis Hart, Associate General Counsel, Boston University