Teaching & Advising

Faculty at Boston University School of Public Health work to fulfill the BUSPH mission to improve the health of local, national and international populations, particularly the disadvantaged, underserved and vulnerable, through excellence and innovation in education, research, and service.

By providing students with an education grounded in the program competencies, faculty play a pivotal role in preparing BUSPH graduates who are leaders and pioneers in the field of public health.

BUSPH is committed to the development of a community in which both faculty and students are engaged in the discovery and discussion of public health issues in a collegial environment. Efforts to foster student learning require critical reflection, the ability to conceptualize practice, provide opportunities for practical application of knowledge, and stay current with the latest research on teaching and learning. To advance these efforts, faculty need access to resources, trainings, and ongoing dialogues about educational theory, as well as teaching and advising strategies.

The central aim of this online resource is to share strategies and approaches that best facilitate student learning based on educational practice and research, including what can be learned from the collective experience of the BUSPH faculty.

The resources compiled on this site have been selected to support faculty throughout the process of designing a course, preparing syllabi and materials, creating engaging and effective activities, assessments and assignments, working with teaching assistants and graders, evaluating the course, and advising students.

For more information on teaching and advising resources or to provide feedback, please contact the Education Team here.