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All-Staff Lunch & Learn Series

Introducing the All-Staff Lunch & Learn series. Each month, we’ll meet for lunch and hear from experts among us on a range of topics. Lively discussion guaranteed.

Upcoming Events

January 29, 2015, Noon – 1:30 pm: Public Speaking Workshop presented by BUMC Toastmasters. BUMC Instructional Building, L-109. Lunch provided.

February, 2015: TBA

March, 2015: “All the Infections”: Shakespeare and the Language of Contamination, presented by Eric Delgizzo

Future Events

What do you want to learn about? Who do you want to hear from? Share your ideas and nominations in the Staff group on Yammer@Georgia Smith and @Katie Boss, or email smithg@bu.edu.

Past Events

Friday, 1/24, Noon – 1 pm

Get to Know Your School: The History of BU School of Public Health
Presented by Dean Bob Meenan.

Friday, 2/14, Noon – 1 pm

Get to Know Yourself: Meyers-Briggs Personality Types
Presented by Lisa Toby. Lunch provided. Crosstown 460.

Friday, 3/7, Noon – 1 pm

Fill Your Gaps: How to Run an Efficient and Effective Meeting
Presented by Vicky Parker. Lunch provided. Crosstown 460.

Friday, 4/4, Noon – 1:30 pm

Get to Know Your Field: Public Health 101
Panel discussion with Harold Cox, Wayne LaMorte, Jessica Leibler, and Jim Wolff. Lunch provided. BUMC Instructional Building, L-301.

Friday, 11/14, Noon – 1 pm

Get to Know Yourself: Stress Reduction Techniques
Led by Michael Grodin. This will be an experiential session where we will learn simple relaxation and stress reduction techniques  These will include, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Vapassana, Guided Imagery Meditation, and self-hypnosis.  Our goal will be to be present and AWAKE.  Wear loose clothing.  NAMASTE. 

Tuesday, 12/2, Noon – 1 pm

Get to Know Yourself: Work-Life Balance
Led by Patrick DeCoste. With his “Office Drone By Day/ Rock Star By Night” workshop having been featured at several prestigious institutions in the Boston area, Patrick DeCoste’s balancing act proves it’s possible to succeed at a high level while handling dual careers.  True to his “Drone/ Star” persona, he seamlessly goes from desk job to playing guitar in front of tens of thousands, sometimes even on the same day.  DeCoste tells the story of today’s artists – and it’s a story many want to hear.