Mid-course Evaluations

Increasingly faculty are finding that mid-semester evaluations provide valuable insights into what’s happening in their classrooms. Most faculty find that students whose views are solicited via mid-semester feedback feel more committed to the course, engage more actively in it, and consider themselves partners in ensuring successful outcomes for the course. The SPH Education team would like to support you in this practice, if you’re not already doing so. As distinct from the course evaluation forms distributed and collected centrally information from mid-course evaluations is designed solely for your own use, to provide an additional channel of communication with your students. Feedback from solicited from students via customized surveys midway through the semester provides information that can lead to mid-course adjustments, yielding a better experience for both instructors and students. To hear directly from students about why they think mid-course evaluations are so important and to learn lean how to easily conduct your own a mid-course evaluation online, view the video below.

There are a number of ways to solicit feedback, the simplest being to administer a short questionnaire during class. We have prepared a sample questionnaire that you may wish to use or adapt. (Choose from the list below) Perhaps even more effective are the anonymous surveys that you can deliver online via Blackboard which can be customized to gain information on particular aspects of your course. Click here for some sample questions which could be used in a hard copy or online survey. These online surveys (packaged as .zip files) can be easily uploaded into the Survey Manager of your Blackboard web and the results viewed through the Grade Center. For step by step instructions on how to do this click here… For that communication to be most successful, it’s important both to prepare your students briefly and to provide feedback to them. Before you make your survey available, clarify for your students your intent. For most faculty, incremental adjustments are possible, but major redesign of a course is neither feasible nor appropriate. Being clear about this up front gives students reasonable expectations for the outcome. It’s particularly important to talk with your students after you have compiled the results, telling them which suggestions you found helpful and are going to act upon, and which ones you feel are not feasible and why. Closing the loop in this way lets the students know that you value their input, and it can further illuminate your teaching goals and expectations for them.

If you would like further information or consultation about mid-semester feedback, please contact Rob Schadt at rschadt@bu.edu or at 617-638-5039. Downloads

Note: We recommend when using the long form to modify the form to fit the class. For example the form is set up to accommodate multiple instructors. The instructors are identified as instructor 1, instructor 2 and instructor 3. In the case of multiple instructors or when you wish to list a TA in an instructor role you should modify the form to name the instructors and/or TAs or to remove the questions for additional instructors if there are none so as not to confuse students.

To modify a survey: Click on the modify button in the right hand column of the mid-course survey in the Survey Manager. When the survey opens click the modify button to edit the question text and/or answer options or click “Remove” to remove that question from the survey. If for you want to insert a question (for example to be answered with a Likert scale), choose that option from the list and enter the question text and the answer options. Remember to click OK at the bottom of the survey to save the changes to survey. To print out detailed instructions click here.

Download Survey to use with Blackboard Forms to distribute as hard copy
Form A – Stop, Start, Continue Form 1 – Student Questionnaire
Form B – 19 Questions Likert Scale(Click here for a Word version of the
19 questions)
Form 2 – Stop, Start, Continue
Form 3 – Sample Mid-point questions