Fall 2008

Office of Teaching, Learning and Technology
Faculty Luncheon Workshops
Fall 2008

Wednesday, October 15th 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm – Founders’ Room
An Overview of Integrated Course Design
Rob Schadt, Ed.D. OTLT

This session will provide an overview of the decision making and planning process that goes into designing or updating a course to promote significant learning. Using a step by step course guide this session will identify the components of course design and the relationship and interaction of these components. It will provide the opportunity to begin to apply a systematic process including:
    • Identifying and writing clear learning outcomes
    • Generating a range of activities that support learning and stated outcomes
    • Preparing tools to measuring this learning

Monday, November 17th 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Fendall Room (CT)
Cooperative learning: using group learning to enhance content knowledge and develop professional skills
Vicky Parker, Ed.M., DBA, Department of Health Policy and Management and Rob Schadt, Ed.D. OTLT

In this session we will share educationally purposeful activities designed to engage students in both large and smaller the classrooms. Topics will include creating cooperative learning groups and defining and structuring collaborative activities. Perhaps you’re tired of hearing student complaints about the unfairness of group projects or about one person who “dominates” a group? Have you wondered what my role is if I ask the class to break up to “discuss in small groups”? How can group time be used to help students develop both content knowledge and process knowledge about how to effectively work in a small team? We’ll discuss these issues and explore techniques that can transform students from individual, traditional passive learners to cooperative learners concerned about their own and their group’s learning.

Tuesday, December 2nd 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm – Founders’ Room
Effective strategies for locating, evaluating and managing information resources.
Megan Bresnahan, MSI (LIS), The Alumni Medical Library

With over 16 million citations available in PubMed, more than 2 million citations in PsycINFO, and millions of web pages it’s difficult to know where to start digging into this blizzard of available information. This interactive workshop will focus on formulating research strategies for locating, evaluating and managing information resources to enhance your own research skills, as well as those of your students. Special attention will be paid to fine tuning student assignments to take into account Library resources and student skill levels in order to ease student research frustration and to ultimately produce higher quality assignments.

  Lunch and collegial conversation guaranteed.
RSVP to Rob Schadt (rschadt@bu.edu) to reserve your seat

Technology Track

Tues., September 30th 1 -2 PM
Wed., October 1st 10 -11 AM
L1110 – Alumni Library LRC
Turnitin: Plagiarism detection
Learn how you can detect plagiarism using this subscription website. Student and faculty submit papers to the website in course-specific folders. Students’ submissions are viewable only by the faculty member for the course. Because Turnitin.com checks each submission against a database of websites and previous paper submissions (within the course, from other courses and from other schools and universities), instructors can detect inappropriate use of sources and unauthorized collaboration among students.

Wed., November 5th 10-11 AM
Thurs. November 6th 1-2 PM
L1110 – Alumni Library LRC

Blackboard: The long awaited update to CourseInfo.

In this session we’ll review the important updates to the grade book, quizzes and survey tools. We’ll also discuss how to make your website more than a syllabus online and how your web can be best designed and utilized to promote teaching and learning.