Diversity makes the fabric of our workplace richer, adds depth and range to our teaching and research and interest to our daily interactions. There are a broad range of diversities that we encounter every day, defined in many ways, but often categorized by gender, race/ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disabilities & chronic illness, and, especially at BUSPH, national origin. BUSPH strives for an inclusive environment. Formal programs, however, are available through BUMC, BUSM, and BU.

BU/BUMC Resources related to Diversity:

BU Faculty Development and Diversity, BUSM DOM: Diversity
BU Associate Provost for Faculty Development: Diversity Links
  • General Links relevant to Faculty Diversity and Inclusion
  • Of special interest to racial and ethnic minority faculty and supporters
  • BU Links to Organizations and Resources that support diversity
  • Presentations
Excellence Through Diversity โ€“ Report of the Council on Faculty Diversity & Inclusion, BU 2008
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