SPH Faculty have many different types of mentoring needs and are encouraged to seek appropriate mentors to meet those needs. Mentoring may be provided by assigned faculty within departments, selected from teaching and research teams, or fostered within peer groups.

New faculty should expect their chair to arrange for an appropriate mentor to assist them as they adjust to their roles at BUSPH.

Junior faculty (assistant professors) should ask about applying to the Academy for Faculty Advancement (AFA), a structured, longitudinal mentoring program for early career faculty on the Boston University Medical Campus. Applicants must specify an academic project that will contribute to their professional advancement and that can achieve significant milestones by the end of the nine-month program. To assist in completing their projects, participants receive multiple forms of mentoring:

  1. An assigned content mentor from another department who will devote one hour per month to advising the participant.
  2. Expert speakers will address areas of professional development through in-person, interactive sessions twice a month for 2 hours each.
  3. Peer mentors in learning communities will meet at each in-person session to provide support and accountability.

One of the most important predictors of a successful academic career is developing a strong network of mentors. Using Ragins & Kram’s definition of mentoring at work: “Mentoring is a developmental relationship embedded within the career context. Mentoring relationships are unique in that the primary focus of the relationship is on career development and growth.”


The SPH faculty development needs assessment survey conducted during the summer of 2011 collected feedback from faculty about mentoring and other faculty development issues. We encourage you to continue to share your thoughts and suggestions for developing a strong program that meets SPH faculty needs.

What does Mentoring/Faculty Development mean to you? Give us your feedback here.

Mentoring Resources at BU/BUMC

BU Faculty Development and Diversity: Mentoring sponsored by the Department of Medicine at the BU School of Medicine provides links to the following information:

BU Associate Provost for Faculty Development: Mentoring offers succinct advice on how to go about forming your own “mentoring team.” It is worth the one minute it takes to read! It covers:

  • How to get the mentoring you need –
  • In your dept
  • Outside dept
  • Peers
  • Organizations at BU
  • External organizations
  • How to be a better mentor

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