Committee on Community Development

The Committee on Community and Development, formed in 2016 and led by Assistant Dean Yvette Cozier—teaming with members of the SPH staff—is charged with creating opportunities for social and cultural development by designing occasions for us to learn about each other, our School, our community, and our environment through a range of events.

Some of these events include:

Lunch & Learn for Staff 
The Lunch & Learn for Staff program is intended to run throughout the year, covering a wide variety of topics based on direct staff input.

Special Events
Annually we will be offering a number of special events intended to boost engagement, showcase the diversity of our staff roles at SPH, and help create opportunities for getting to know co-workers across the School. These include the Spring Fest, Summer Fest, and Fall Fest, as well as a School-wide Holiday Party and other seasonal events.

Additional activities are also being conceived and planned by the Committee on Community Development, so please feel free to give feedback and suggestions to committee members for future events.