Pharmaceuticals Program

Gain the Knowledge and Expertise to Address Pharmaceutical Issues from a Public Health Perspective

The revolution in pharmaceuticals over the past half-century has provided public health with some its most important and powerful tools. However, the processes by which new drugs are developed, tested, licensed, regulated, and manufactured are poorly understood—even by most health care professionals. The SPH Pharmaceuticals Program is a unique educational offering, designed to bridge those gaps and provide a practical overview of pharmaceuticals from a public health perspective. The program is available to Master of Public Health students and should be of particular interest to students considering careers in the pharmaceutical industry, service delivery programs, or pharmaceutical policy-making agencies.

Students enrolled in the program will learn what drugs are and how they work; how they are tested, developed, and monitored; how formularies are derived; and how drugs are licensed and regulated. Students will develop key analytic skills useful for framing pharmaceutical policy- and decision-making in domestic and international contexts. The Pharmaceuticals Program prepares students for positions in both the public and private sectors, including positions in federal and state government agencies, the pharmaceutical industry, contracting research organizations and international agencies.

Students must apply to the program in their first semester at BUSPH in order to fulfill all necessary requirements.

To learn more about the Pharmaceutical Program curriculum, requirements for completion, and how to apply visit our website: