Career P.R.E.P. Program

Prepare | Reach | Emerge | Propel

The Career P.R.E.P. Program, a hallmark of the Boston University MPH, positions you with the techniques and professional confidence to effectively market yourself during the job search process and throughout your public health career. This program, mandatory for MPH students beginning in Fall 2016, is taught by experienced career services professionals and will help you build your public health network of employers, alumni, and experts from the field. It is delivered in a cohort model to enhance the learning experience and help you build connections across the SPH community. For more information and to register, visit our registration page

Students with extensive public health work experience have the option to waive out of the course. A student wishing to obtain a waiver must petition the instructors of Career P.R.E.P. at before the final semester.

Career P.R.E.P. Modules Include:

  • Introduction to Career P.R.E.P.
  • How self-assessment fits into the job search
  • How to develop and follow a job search timeline

  • Tailoring for targeted positions
  • Writing profiles, summaries and objectives
  • Creating results-driven bullets

  • Creating and/or strengthening your LinkedIn profile
  • Researching people and organizations
  • Inviting people into your network and asking for recommendations

  • Networking techniques including using social media
  • Conducting informational interviews
  • Creating your “30-second elevator pitch”
  • Asking for referrals when applying

  • Reviewing strategies for different interview types:  phone screen, in-person, panel, behavioral, case
  • Discussing common interview questions
  • Developing answers for behavioral interviews

  • Responding to salary questions from employers in screening interview
  • Reviewing items to negotiate
  • Preparing for the negotiation conversation