Networking with Alumni

BUSPH boasts a dedicated network of alumni who serve as role models for aspiring public health professionals. Talented professionals in their own right, our alumni give generously of their time and energy to enhance the overall educational and professional development of our student body.

As students, you are able to meet and learn from alumni in a variety of ways:

Informational Interviews
Alumni often meet in person, by Skype or by phone to speak with students about their careers and to offer career advice.

Panels and Workshops
Throughout the year, alumni guests speak on industry and career panels that are sponsored by Career Services and often in partnership with academic departments. Additionally, alumni have shared their expertise by facilitating workshops.

Alumni Networking Events
Fun and interactive networking events brings students and alumni together for an evening of learning and mingling in person and online.

Annual Career Fair
Employers are often represented by BUSPH alumni at our annual Career Fair. Students have an opportunity to learn about these organizations and jobs from alumni in the field.

Remote Job Searches
BUSPH alumni are all over the world. Students may contact alumni through email and phone to network and learn about public health needs of different regions. In addition to using the alumni contact list, students are encouraged to join the BUSPH Alumni LinkedIN group. Students can join this group in their very first semester! For more information, please contact our alumni office:

StAMP: STudent Alumni Networking Program
The BUSPH Student Alumni Mentoring Program (StAMP) seeks to connect MPH students with BUSPH alumni and create successful mentoring relationships. StAMP is a platform that leverages the BUSPH alumni network to improve the student experience at the School, furthering our commitment both to student development and alumni engagement. BUSPH students are encouraged to use this great resource.

To prepare yourself for networking with alumni, check out our Networking section in the BUSPH Career Library.