SPH Bridge Program is Looking for Volunteers

October 27th, 2014

SPH Bridge, a Schoolwide program to help welcome new staff to our community, is looking for volunteers. The mission of the program and its Colleagues is to contribute to a friendly office culture, facilitate community building, and ease the transition for new staff members.

Current staff with a year or more at SPH are invited to become program Colleagues who will welcome and mentor the School’s incoming staff. To volunteer, please email Emily Katz at erkatz@bu.edu.


  • Colleagues will be matched with new staff members for three months, based on their availability.
  • The assigned colleague will welcome the new staff member and schedule a lunch in the South End within one month of their start date (lunch will be reimbursed).
  • In addition to lunch, colleagues must check in with the new staff member at least two more times over the next two months; suggested check-ins include coffee or stopping by their office.


  • Colleagues should have a positive outlook, a desire to welcome new staff, excellent listening skills, and time available to devote to the program.
  • Colleagues serve as a helpful resource for general SPH questions.
  • Colleagues are encouraged to invite new staff to attend SPH events.
  • Colleagues should not train new staff members on their job responsibilities; any specific questions on this topic should be directed to the staff member’s supervisor.
  • Colleagues will be expected to take a short survey to evaluate the program.

Qualifications for Participation

  • Colleagues should have been employed at SPH for at least one year as a full-time employee.
  • Colleagues are encouraged to get approval from their supervisor before joining the program.


  • The School will reimburse staff Colleague for lunch with new staff member ($35 limit).
  • To be reimbursed, please give your original receipt to Emily Katz at Talbot, 327 East.