Nominations Sought for 2014 Faculty Career Award in Research and Scholarship

February 4th, 2014

Nominations due March 15, with $1,000 award presented at commencement

This award is given annually in the spring to a faculty member whose primary academic appointment is at BUSPH, and recognizes a distinguished body of scholarly and/or scientific work on a specific topic or within a general area of expertise. Examples of the types of work areas that might be recognized range from broad topics like epidemiology, health management, toxicology, or public health ethics to more specific areas such as risk assessment, obesity prevention, or the public health implications of violence.

Nominations process and timetables

Calls for nominations for the award are now open and can be submitted to the Associate Dean for Research by anyone with a faculty appointment at BUSPH. The nominations will be reviewed by the Research Committee.

The nomination packet must include a letter detailing the nominee’s accomplishments, detailed curriculum vitae from the nominee and any supporting documents that are seen as appropriate by the nominator (papers written by the nominee, citations or summaries of the nominee’s work by others, etc.). Several elements will be considered by the committee in reviewing the nominations. Please note that these are general guidelines, with the weight of specific guidelines varying according to the field of the nominee and the types of work s/he has carried out. The elements to be considered include:

Corpus of the nominee’s work

  • Number of publications and presentations at scientific meetings
  • Quality of work appearing in the public arena (journals, sites of presentations)
  • Impact of work (Quantitative: references in the work of others. Qualitative: scholarly impact, impact on public health policy, translational applications)
  • Innovation/creativity/uniqueness

Leadership in field

  • Scientific
  • Professional
  • Scholarly

Other recognition of nominee’s work

  • Awards from professional and scholarly organizations
  • Fellowships in prestigious societies and organizations

Generative impacts of work

  • Students trained and their accomplishments
  • Mentorship of colleagues at BUSPH and elsewhere

The timetable for this process will be as follows:

  • March 15: nominations due
  • May commencement: $1000 award presented.