Class Notes, Fall 2008

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Environmental Health

Darin Goodwin (’96) is living in Rockland, MA. Darin is the Manager of Safety Operations at Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital and has been involved with environmental health and safety for over 17 years.

As soon as Brenda Walter (’06) graduated from BUSPH, her husband joined the Foreign Service and she moved with him to the Dominican Republic. She taught science at a bilingual school and contracted with Population Services International (PSI). She is now the Community Liaison Coordinator at the U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo, DR. She works with guidance and referrals, contingency planning, crisis management, events coordination and education, among other things. As the country coordinator for a non-profit organization called the Health Justice Collaborative, she implements a maternal and neonatal health program that provides nutritional supplementation, education and social support during pregnancy and through six months postpartum, to improve health with the goal of decreasing social and economic disparity.  As a result, she says, babies and mothers are healthier and better-equipped to face challenges in the southwest of the DR. Brenda will be moving to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in February 2009 and looks forward to more adventures in public health there.

Kanchan Sehgal Lota (’07) works at the Michigan Public Health Institute. She started at MPHI as a research associate soon after graduation. She recently accepted a position as Michigan Local Public Health Accreditation Program Coordinator.

Health Policy & Management (Formerly Health Services)

After doing many years of HIV education and diversity consulting on the East Coast, Shoshana Rosenfeld (’92) moved to California in 1998. She started her own business, doing leadership development and executive coaching in the San Francisco Bay Area – work she says she loves. She is especially interested in the intersection between neuroscience and leadership, saying she hopes to help leaders enhance their own “neuroplasticity, in service of greater fulfillment,  effectiveness, creativity and ease.”

Heather Davis (’95) is working in Wilton, Maine as the executive director of the Health Community Coalition. Read more about her Maine Today.

Diana Ditsch (’96) lives in Madison, WI, and works as a Public Health Educator. During 10+ years at the Wisconsin Division of Public Health, she has worked in many areas of public health: chronic disease, including tobacco control and prevention, injury prevention, women’s health, sexual assault/abuse prevention, health policy, and school health. Last year, she changed her focus to public-health preparedness. She is the Partner Communications and Alerting Coordinator in the Wisconsin Public Health Preparedness Program. She says it is a challenging job, especially with limited funding and staff. 

Susanne Machacz (’99) lives in Redwood City, CA, but works for the Tampa, Florida-based company Xcenda. Xcenda focuses on health outcomes and pharmacoeconomics analysis, targeting the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. She says the company works to help build value messages and propositions of these technologies, to assist payers (such as Medicare and Medicaid) in their evaluations of new technologies.

Sheikh Usman Iqbal (’03) is the Associate Director, Health Economics and Outcomes Research at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He is heading the respiratory therapeutic division there.

Matthew Guldin (’05) lives in Santa Clara, CA, and works for Frost & Sullivan, a market research and consulting firm.  As a senior research analyst, he monitors and analyzes emerging trends, technologies and market behavior in the healthcare IT industry in North America.  He is particularly focused on the healthcare payer industry and the impact of policy on the healthcare IT industry.  Since joining Frost & Sullivan, he has completed several research studies and consulting projects on consumer-directed health plans, personal health records, and claims-management systems. Matt says his coursework and job experience at BUSPH gave him a thorough overview of the U.S. healthcare system and prepared him to analyze different sources of information necessary for his job.

Aimee Kindorf (’06) reports that she is enjoying her position as Business Manager for the East Boston Elder Service Plan, a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center. Aimee first learned about the benefits of PACE programs through one of her courses at BUSPH, she says. She and her husband live in East Boston. 

Dr. Brian Dressel (’06) is a family medicine resident at the Rumford Hospital Rural Residency Program, a three-year program. He will receive advanced training to practice medicine in rural areas. Read more about him in The Sun Journal.

International Health

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Kazi (’97) lives in Islamabad, Pakistan. He has been working with the World Health Organization for eight years, the last three in Islamabad, Pakistan. He also has been assigned to Southern Sudan several times to “draw up their GAVI-HSS and GFATM-HSS proposals for resource mobilization for their fragile health system.” He is “longing to keep in touch with BUSPH.”

Bilha Kiama Murage (’98) is living in Nairobi, Kenya, where she works as the Chief Pharmacist at Kenyatta University. After graduating with an MPH, Bilha embarked on what she says has been a very successful career. She worked as a
consultant in drug-supply management in Iraq for eight months. She was a project manager for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Regional Office/Eastern Africa for over three years. Bilha worked to improve the capacity of National Drug Regulatory Authorities under the Ministries of Health in 12 countries in the region, by providing technical-assistance training and equipment, with the aim of controlling and streamlining the availability of drugs for medical and scientific use. At present as a pharmacist, Bilha is working in a health unit and as a part-time lecturer in Kenyatta University, where she is preparing a PhD proposal on the challenges of access to palliative care in Kenya. She is also the secretary of the International Network of Rational Drug Use – Kenya Chapter. For eight years, she was the Chief Pharmacist in Kenyatta National Hospital.

Jennifer Westfall (’02), one of the first winners of the John Snow award, now works for Save the Children in Myanmar, where she manages HIV/AIDS program interventions and helped to handle cyclone response.

Angela Chaudhuri (’03) lives in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. She is a manager for SWASTI Health Resource Center. Angela says the courses she took while at BUSPH and her exposure to faculty and other students gave her the skills to be one of the better-known national consultants in India, which already has a large population of public-health professionals. Angela says, “Thank you, BU, for giving me the tricks of trade and the tools to be where I am today.”

Rohit Ramchandani (’06) is working on a number of projects at the Canadian International Development Agency, mainly focused on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and the Affordable Medicines Facility for Malaria.

Mia Ramirez (’06) is a Public Health Prevention Service Fellow with the Centers for Disease Control, and was assigned to a two-year field assignment with the Multnomah County Health Department in Portland, Oregon. She writes: “I just had to write and tell you that my supervisor, Tricia Tillman (’99, MCH), and the health department director, Lillian Shirley (’87), are both BUSPH grads!! We’re a critical mass here in Portland! I thought you might find that uncanny!! I know I did!!”

Maternal & Child Health

Alice Richman (’03) recently completed her doctoral program at University of South Florida.  Her dissertation was titled “The Role of Pharmacists and Emergency Contraception: An Assessment of Pharmacy School Curricula in the US and the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Dispensing Practices of Florida Pharmacists.”  Alice is in the process of moving to North Carolina for a post-doc at UNC School of Public Health.

Nashira Baril (’06) works as the director of REACH, a Boston-based effort to improve the health of communities of color. She received a “Heroes Among Us” award in February from The Boston Celtics. The award is presented to individuals who, “through their unique commitment and humanitarian spirit, have made exceptional and lasting contributions to our community.”

Social & Behavioral Science

Irene Crabtree Felsman (’85) recently relocated to Pretoria, South Africa, with her family. Over the past 22 years, she has lived and worked in Mexico, the Philippines, Mozambique, Zimbabwe (two tours), North Carolina and now South Africa, focusing on the areas of maternal-child health, health education and community development. She has three children: a 13-year-old son in middle school and a twin daughter and son who will be graduating from universities in May 2009. Her husband, Kirk, works with USAID as a technical specialist with the OVC program in South Africa.

Sharon Marable (’92) is a member of an Institute of Medicine Committee that just released a report: “Preparing for an Influenza Pandemic: Personal Protective Equipment for Healthcare Workers.” She says she is branching out in the public-health consulting world in the areas of community-oriented primary care, health disparities, emergency preparedness, women’s health and start-ups of new public health programs.

Rachel Wilson (’97) lives in Washington, DC, and is the Director of Policy and Advocacy at PATH, where she works on global health policy.

Czarina Biton (’04) was featured in the July Health Care for All News. She works on the Watch Your Mouth Campaign to expand access to oral-health education, prevention and treatment services.

No Concentration Declared

Marge Reiter (’84) and her daughter live near Phoenix, AZ. She is now involved in the field of telemedicine. She is using her MPH to work with underserved populations and establish new networks, she says. She was just elected as Regent for Arizona in the American College of Healthcare Executives.

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