Auditing a Course at SPH

SPH alumni are permitted to audit most SPH courses on a space-available basis and with the consent of the instructor. The cost of this benefit is $125, payable to the BU School of Public Health and mailed to SPH Alumni Relations. Alumni do not officially register for the course: No grades, credits, certificates (if any), or transcripts are issued.

For many years SPH alumni have been allowed to audit our courses. Due to several factors, the last enrollment cycle in which alumni are able to audit a class is Fall 2015.

Alumni will need to discuss with the instructor how much participation is expected in the audited course. Generally, auditors are expected to attend classes regularly, complete assigned reading and assignments including papers and presentations, and participate in discussions, but they are excused from taking exams.

To audit a course, please contact Andrea Tingue in the Registrar Office, Talbot Building, at least two weeks before the first day of classes for the semester.