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Boston University Women’s Council Scholarships

The BU Women’s Council provides scholarships to qualified women graduate students enrolled in a full-time degree program in any of the schools or colleges within Boston University. Applicants must have completed one year of their graduate studies and anticipate completing their master’s degree within two years or a doctoral degree within five years. For additional information, please visit the BU Women’s Council online.

Boston University Women’s Guild Scholarships

The Boston University Women’s Guild awards scholarships annually to women over 30 years of age who are already enrolled in a graduate program at Boston University. For additional information, call 617-353-9253 or visit the Women’s Guild website.

Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship

The African Studies Center at Boston University offers a program of instruction in African languages. Hausa, Xhousa, Zulu, Wolof, Swahili, Arabic, and Pulaar are regularly offered languages. Any full-time Boston University graduate student who is an American citizen or a US permanent resident is able to apply for a Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowship through the African Studies Center. Fellows must study an African language while pursuing graduate studies at Boston University in order to be eligible for the FLAS Fellowship. Awards may include full- or partial-tuition funding as well as a stipend. Applications are available on the center’s website and are due February 15 for the following academic year. For additional information on FLAS Fellowship opportunities, please contact the African Studies Center at 617-353-7311 or visit the African Studies Center website.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Fellowship

Nominees for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Fellowship must be United States citizens who are new to Boston University and beginning full-time graduate studies in any department or school of the University, and who are committed to the principles of social justice espoused by Dr. King. This award provides a stipend for living expenses, a scholarship for up-to-full-time tuition at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences rate, BU health insurance, and student union fees. This fellowship is available to applicants who matriculate to Boston University during the fall semester only. The fellowship may be renewable for up to two additional years. Accepted applicants are nominated by their department or school. Applicants interested in this scholarship should include their commitment to social justice in their personal statement on their SOPHAS application for SPH. The nomination deadline for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Fellowship program is typically February 17 of each year. Applicants to SPH must have been accepted prior to this date in order to be nominated.

Whitney M. Young, Jr. Fellowship

This one-year fellowship is open to entering and continuing graduate students who are US citizens and who have displayed academic proficiency, particularly in the fields of social work, urban studies, and/or Afro-American Studies. The fellowship provides a stipend for living expenses, Boston University health insurance, plus a scholarship for full tuition and fees. Completed applications must be submitted to the Whitney M. Young, Jr. Fellowship Committee by February 17 of each year. For this year’s application, click here.

Other Fellowships

Additional fellowships may be posted here.