Community Scholars Program

The Community Scholars Program encourages experienced public health professionals to pursue advanced study for an MPH while continuing their full-time employment. Up to ten (10) half-tuition scholarships are awarded annually to MPH degree candidates (dual degree candidates are NOT eligible). Eligible applicants must have at least two years of experience and be currently employed, on a full-time basis, in public health-related nonprofit organizations or government agencies. Community Scholars must remain employed and pursue their MPH on a part-time basis. These awards are only given in the fall semester for new/incoming students, but first semester (spring-start MPH) students may apply for their first fall semester.

Applicants interested in the Community Scholars Program must submit the following materials:

  • letter of recommendation from your employer
  • Community Scholars Program application essay
  • current résumé or curriculum vitae
  • completed Community Scholars Program application

Fall 2014 applications are closed. Fall 2015 applications will be made available in February of 2015.