Health Reform Program

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The Health Reform Program designs practical solutions to health care problems—solutions that address the needs of all parties.

United States Health Reform (USHR)

The program’s work on US health reform addresses patients’ inability to afford needed prescription drugs; the disproportionate closing of hospitals in minority and lower-income communities; and methods of winning affordable health care for all.

Recent Releases:
  • Affordable Health Care and Long-term Care.  [4 November 2013 – 66 slides]
  • Why Is Primary Care Like the Weather? [29 July 2013 – 95 slides]
  • Causes and Consequences of Urban Hospital Closings and Reconfigurations, 1936 – 2010. [14 Mar 2013 – 92 slides]     Listen to the podcast on WBUR FM’s Boston University’s World of Ideas:
  • U.S. Health Care in 2030: Two Stories.  [18 May 2012 – 94 slides]
  • Hospital Closings: Causes, Consequences, and Responses, Boston Occupier op.ed.  [20 Feb 2012 – 3 pages]
  • Paying New York State Hospitals More Fairly for Their Care of Uninsured Patients.  [31 Aug 2011 – 168 pages]
  • Why stabilizing St. Vincent’s Is Vital, The Villager. [10 Mar 2010 – 2 pages]
  • Covering People, Paying Caregivers, and Shaping Affordable Care for All.  [15 Oct 2008 –  80 slides]
  • Rapid Increases in Medicaid and Medicare Account for Most of the Rise in Health Insurance Coverage. [26 Aug 2008 – 4 pages]
  • See more: Hospital Closings and Configuration | Healthcare for All | Affordable Prescription Drugs

Access and Affordability Monitoring Project (AAMP)

The program’s Access and Affordability Monitoring Project tackles coverage, cost, and caregiver survival problems in Massachusetts.

Recent Releases:
  • Letter to Massachusetts Attorney-General Coakley on Negotiated Agreement with Partners.  [17 July 2014 – 5 pages]
  • Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick should declare a public health emergency to keep North Adams Regional Hospital open.  [26 March 2014 – 3 pages]
  • Letter to Massachusetts Attorney-General Coakley on Steward purchase of Caritas hospitals. [11 August 2011 – 7 pages]
  • Massachusetts Hospital Spending Reached 55% per Person above the U.S. Average in 2007: Most of Excess Is Unjustified, and State’s Health Reform Law Is Negligible Factor.  [16 Mar 2010 – 211 pages]
  • This Year’s $72 Billion Spending in Massachusetts is Enough to Finance the Care that Works: Proposals to simply bundle payments to hospitals and doctors for individual episodes of care, while reasonable and well-intentioned, are not likely to contain costs. [11 Feb 2009 – 25 pages]
  • See more: AAMP

Program Contact

Alan Sager, PhD
Professor, Health Policy and Management
Director, Health Reform Program

Phone: 617-638-4664

From 1988 to 2012, Alan Sager and Deborah Socolar served as co-directors of the Access and Affordability Monitoring Project and of the Health Reform Program.

These reports represent the views of the authors and do not represent the view of Boston University.