Research & Scholarship

Today’s most relevant health care issues are being addressed by ongoing faculty research. Faculty examine a broad range of challenges in the American health care system and introduce fresh approaches by drawing on diverse backgrounds, including social sciences, medicine, economics, business, and policy. Collaboration with affiliated research centers provides access to further resources and expertise.

Health policy & management, health economics, health outcomes measurement, and health reform are the department’s main areas of research. For the most up-to-date research activity, please view the presentations and the most recent publications by our HLPM faculty, listed below.

Upcoming Faculty Research Seminars 2015

Angela W. Walter, PhD, MPH, MSW,Research Assistant Professor, Health & Disability Working Group will be presenting

 “Mental health services utilization and costs among children enrolled in employer sponsored health plans”

 Thursday, November 5th at Noon in Evans720

Recent Publications

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