Current Students

Resources for current Biostatistics students.

Dissertation Policy Update
The Department of Biostatistics requires doctoral students in the dissertation stage of the program to meet with their Dissertation Committee twice a year. At least three committee members must be in attendance. The update form should be returned to the Curriculum Coordinator no later than May 15th and December 15th of each year.

PhD Seminar Attendance Policy
All PhD students must attend at least one seminar/meeting per month in the fall and spring semesters. Students can attend one of the working groups (e.g., causal modeling, clinical trials, or  statistical genetics) to make up for any missed seminars. If there is no Research in Progress seminar scheduled in a particular month, students are still responsible for making up the seminar. Students should complete the online tracking form after they attend a seminar or working group meeting. The Curriculum Coordinator will email a report of student attendance to the student and advisor every semester. Please note, students in the dissertation phase must also attend one doctoral student presentation per month, in addition to the seminar requirement.

The relevant seminars/meetings:
  • Research in Progress seminars in the Biostatistics Department
  • Professional development seminars coordinated by Janice Weinberg and the Biostatistics Student Association
  • Clinical Trials working group
  • Statistical Genetics working group
  • Casual Inference (modeling/mediation) working group
  • Regular Statistics seminars in the Mathematics and Statistics Department
  • Biostatistics PhD dissertation defense

In addition, attendance is mandatory at the Cupples Award presentation and the associated student meeting with the Award recipient in the spring semester.