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Medical Sciences and Public Health (MS/MPH)

The Division of Graduate Medical Sciences and the School of Public Health offer a dual degree that is broadly based in preclinical medical sciences and public health.

Key Facts

  • Number of credits: 64 distributed between SPH and GMS minimum of 32 credits in residence at SPH
  • Program Length: Two-years (minimum two semesters at SPH if full time and two semesters at GMS)
  • Full-time only at GMS; SPH can be part time or full time

Program Requirements

All MS/MPH students must:

The following Division of Graduate Medical Sciences (GMS) courses have been approved to meet MPH elective credits required for students enrolled in the MS/MPH dual degree program. MS/MPH students must complete 16 credits of coursework from this list when completing the GMS portion of their degree. These courses cannot, however, be counted toward concentration requirements or core course requirements for the MPH degree. With these credits plus the minimum of 32 credits they will take at SPH, MS/MPH students complete a 48 credit MPH degree.

  • GMS AN 722 Cellular Organization of Tissues (4 cr)
  • GMS BI 751 Biochemistry and Cell Biology (6 cr)
  • GMS MS 640 Introduction to Biomedical Information (2 cr)
  • GMS PH 730 Physiology A (4 cr)
  • GMS PH 731 Physiology B (4 cr)
  • GMS PM 730 Introduction to Medical Pharmacology (4 cr)

MS/MPH students cannot apply transfer credit or take classes at other BU schools or colleges.


Students must apply and be accepted to both the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences and to the School of Public Health. The acceptances do not have to be concurrent. The most successful pathway is for students to apply for the MPH program after their first semester in the MS program.

For further information regarding admission to the School of Public Health contact:

Anne Thorsen, Admissions Coordinator
Phone: 617-638-5001
Email: thorsena@bu.edu


Students pay tuition to the program in which they are primarily registered.


MS/MPH dual degree candidates have access to career advice through Career Services at SPH to help identify, interview for, and secure positions as they move forward along their career path.

Contact Information

David Gagnon, Director MS/MPH Program
Boston University School of Public Health
801 Massachusetts Ave, CT 328
Boston, MA 02118
Email: gagnon@bu.edu
Phone: (617) 638-5172

Anne Thorsen
Admissions Coordinator
Boston University School of Public Health
715 Albany Street, Talbot Building, Room 202C
Boston, MA 02118
Email: thorsena@bu.edu
Phone: 617-638-5001