Global Health Management (MBA/MPH)

Through the MBA/MPH in Global Health Management, students will develop a deep and practical understanding of the unique context in which international health policy, financing, and management decisions are made.  Students will have the opportunity to apply management skills to practical challenges in their field of programmatic interest, such as pharmaceutical policy and management, HIV/AIDS, or global health management consulting.
The MBA/MPH in Global Health Management is designed to prepare leaders in global health management for current and future challenges in:

  • strengthening capacity of government and private health organizations for transparent governance;
  • efficient delivery of high quality services to increasing numbers of people in need; and
  • collaborative innovation aimed at improving health status and furthering international development, especially among the most disadvantaged populations in the world.

Key Facts

  • Number of credits: 80
  • Program length: 2 years (including two summers)
  • Full-time or part-time: Full time only

Learning Goals

The MPH program is carefully designed to provide a broad, but rigorous foundation in the core disciplines of public health and in-depth training in the student’s chosen area of concentration with a strong emphasis on mastery of both concepts and skills that enable our graduates to be highly effective practitioners.

Upon completion of the MPH program graduates will have the ability to:

  • Identify the determinants of health and disease;
  • Analyze relevant data to estimate the burden and patterns of disease in communities in order to prioritize health needs;
  • Use systematic approaches to develop, implement, and evaluate public health programs and services;
  • Demonstrate effective communication strategies to educate, disseminate, and advocate for health services and preventive interventions for all members of our communities, especially the disadvantaged, underserved, and vulnerable;
  • Demonstrate the ability to synthesize and utilize data to solve public health problems;
  • Articulate principles of good leadership and demonstrate the ability to work effectively independently and as part of a team;
  • Articulate decisions that are ethical and respect the diverse values, beliefs, and cultures in communities; and
  • Demonstrate professional knowledge and skills for effective practice in Global Health.

Additionally, graduates of the Global Health concentration will be able to:

  • Demonstrate skills in program and budget management that can be used to design and implement health programs in low and middle-income country settings;
  • Apply a multidisciplinary approach to analyze health systems and institutions involved in financing and providing preventative and curative health services at the multilateral, bilateral, national and community levels in low and middle-income countries; and
  • Integrate information and apply models from epidemiologic, economic, behavioral, and cultural perspectives to promote social changes required to improve the health of populations.

Program Requirements

The MBA/MPH in Global Health Management requires completion of a total of 80 credits, 46 from the School of Management and 34 at the School of Public Health. Students are required to complete a 400-hour internship in the health sector, preferably overseas, and a 1-credit capstone experience during the spring semester of their second year.

To view a course layout by semester, download the MBA-MPH Global Health New Curriculum course outline.


Applicants interested in the dual MBA/MPH in Global Health Management must submit completed applications to both the School of Public Health and the School of Management. Interested students may not apply for the dual degree once they have begun the MPH. However, students who are enrolled in their first semester of the full-time MBA program may seek enrollment in the MPH program as a dual-degree student.

Once enrolled, students pursuing the MBA/MPH in Global Health will join the Health Sector Management (HSM) Program at the School of Management and the Department of Global Health (GH) at the School of Public Health.

Please see the application process page for the School of Public Health and the Graduate School of Management for more information.

For further information regarding admission to the School of Public Health contact:
Ryan Manganelli
Admissions Coordinator
Boston University School of Public Health
715 Albany Street, Talbot Building
Boston, MA 02118
Phone: 617-638-5001


While students are enrolled in both the MBA and MPH degree programs, they pay only one full-time tuition charge each year. For summer courses, students pay per credit. Applicants to the School of Management are automatically eligible for merit based scholarships. See the tuition and financial aid section for more information.


Graduates of the program will lead and manage institutions working to ameliorate the health of populations in resource-constrained settings around the world through multinational and national development agencies, consulting companies, and major charities. Graduates may undertake activities such as:

  • Implementing a Performance and Expenditure Review process to strengthen management control and data-based decision-making among district health teams in South Africa.
  • Writing policy briefs and giving presentations to argue why chief executives of private companies in Namibia should pay for antiretroviral treatment for their HIV+ employees and their family members.
  • Worked with a network of private non-profit health providers in Latin America to address the challenges of growth by designing new administrative and financial management models.
  • Helped an NGO to identify new ideas for programming, identify and measure markets, and plan for the systems, personnel, and financing needed to implement.

Contact Information

Ryan Manganelli
Admissions Coordinator
Boston University School of Public Health
715 Albany Street, Talbot Building
Boston, MA 02118
Phone: 617-638-5001

Ned Rimer
Lecturer/Executive-in-Residence Faculty Director, Health Sector Management Program Executive Director, Health and Life Sciences Sector
Boston University Questrom School of Business
595 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
Phone: 617-353-3146