Optum Labs and BU School of Public Health Partnership

Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) recognizes the important opportunities that can result from collaborating with Optum Labs (OL) on projects whose goals are to improve patient care in this era of “big data.” Our overall objectives are to improve, quality of care and health care delivery for their impacts on patient outcomes. More specifically, BUSPH has a multi-focused set of public health areas for which we plan to achieve breakthroughs in the areas of quality improvement, health outcomes, health care integration, comparative effectiveness, cost effectiveness, pharmacoepidemiology, technology assessment, demand analysis, risk assessment, clinical epidemiology and clinical genetics. The BU SPH/OL core multidisciplinary team thus aims to create a resource for a broad range of highly trained and well established scientists and look forward to developing a collaborative rich environment between BU researchers and Optum Labs partners.

The overarching goal of this partnership is to conduct leading edge public health research with major policy applications that combine claims data with clinical data. The BUSPH/OL core team serves as a resource for the BU community to aid researchers developing studies that will use Optum Labs data. When developing research studies, the BUSPH/OL core team will assist researchers by providing information on the availability, scope, and representativeness of the Optum Labs data relevant for the investigators’ research questions. The BUSPH/OL core team can further assist researchers by performing exploratory analyses of the Optum Labs data to provide basic data summaries helpful to project development. The core team will be available for training and one-on-one sessions to permit BU researchers to engage directly with Optum Labs data once a research study is approved and/or funded.

Accessing Optum Labs Data