Health Reform Program

The Health Reform Program designs practical solutions to health care problems—solutions that address the needs of all parties.


The World’s Strangest Health Care—and How to Fix it. [15 January 2017 – 46 slides]

Favorable View of Mass. Health Costs Undone by the DataBoston Globe. [29 December 2016 – 2 Pages]

Testimony on Determination of Need Regulations [ 7 October 2016 – 11 pages]

It’s Time to Confront the Drug MakersDemocracy. [8 August 2016  – 10 Pages]

Our Health Care Should Not Drive Us Crazy. [20 May 2016 – 42 Slides]

Choosing a B.U. Health Insurance Plan for 2016 [Slides presented at BUSPH School Assembly, 27 October 2015]

Choosing a Boston University Health Insurance Plan for 2016. [October 2015 – 44 pages]

Alan Sager prepared this report at the request of the BUSPH Faculty Senate to help school employees choose between the two health insurance plans that the university is offering for 2016, and to provide background on changes in insurance options. As such, it is not an official document of, nor endorsed by, the school.


United States Health Reform (USHR)

The program’s work on US health reform addresses patients’ inability to afford needed prescription drugs; the disproportionate closing of hospitals in minority and lower-income communities; and methods of winning affordable health care for all.

Recent Releases

Access and Affordability Monitoring Project (AAMP)

The program’s Access and Affordability Monitoring Project tackles coverage, cost, and caregiver survival problems in Massachusetts.

Recent Releases

Program Contact

Alan Sager, PhD
Professor, Health Law, Policy & Management
Director, Health Reform Program

Phone: 617-638-4664


These reports represent the views of the authors and do not represent the view of Boston University.