Global Health

Working toward worldwide equity in health.

The goal of the Department of Global Health is to improve the health of underserved global populations through policy-relevant research; the empowerment of citizens, governments, and organizations; and the education of future global health leaders. We focus on the world’s three overriding health problems—poverty, disease, and inequity—with emphasis on infectious diseases, management and finance, reproductive health, maternal health, child survival, policy analysis, and research and evaluation methods.

The department emphasizes a practice-based education with on-the-ground experience, and coursework that teaches skills relevant in running programs to reduce disease and inequality in low-income countries. We are active in more than 10 countries at any given time, with a major continuing presence in South Africa and Zambia and research projects in Mexico, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, India, and Vietnam. We have also conducted extensive work in Namibia and Lesotho.

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