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Looking Forward, Acting Now

Mothers should survive childbirth so they and their babies can flourish.

People with diabetes should have access to life-saving insulin.

HIV-positive moms and dads should live to enjoy their grandchildren.

Global health has achieved dramatic reductions in preventable illness, injury and death. But there is still much to do. Our faculty, staff, and students are at the forefront of the global push towards the world’s Sustainable Development Goals. We are looking forward and acting now to eliminate poverty, inequity, and preventable illness and death by 2030.

Research: We collaborate with communities, governments, scientists, and international development partners to improve the health of populations.

Students & Alumni: We train future global health leaders through classroom and field-based experiences. DGH alumni are working around the world: improving government policies, promoting social justice, and increasing access to education, economic opportunity, and health services.

Partnerships: Over two decades we have built partnerships in Boston, China, Ghana, India, Mexico Vietnam, South Africa, Zambia, and elsewhere. These relationships drive our research, advocacy, and commitment to the communities where we work.

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