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How are health and disease affected by personal characteristics? Behavior? Geography? Time? These are the central questions of epidemiology, the foundation of public health. As epidemiologists, our answers form the basis for developing policies and interventions to protect and improve the health of populations.

The field of epidemiology has grown dramatically in scope and importance in recent decades. With increasing concerns about emerging infections, environmental hazards, and global health disparities, epidemiologists are playing key roles in an expanding range of public health issues. Our faculty members are experts in epidemiologic methods, chronic and infectious diseases epidemiology, and pharmacoepidemiology. We measure how social, behavioral, medical, infectious, and genetic factors relate to a wide range of reproductive, perinatal, and pediatric outcomes, as well as conditions that accompany the aging process. We evaluate the interplay among environmental and societal conditions, psychosocial factors, and disease. And we quantify the risks and benefits of medications and other treatments.

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MS in Epidemiology PhD in Epidemiology


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