Annotated Epidemiological Studies

To help people read and interpret three classic examples of epidemiologic studies, we have annotated a case-control study, a cohort-study and a cross-section study. These may be useful for courses. In each annotation, the words in bold indicate that they also appear in the Health Studies Guide Glossary. The publishers have generously given us permissions to print and distribute hardcopy versions of the annotations. The American Public Health Association has given us permission to post the first two pages of an annotated study by Aschengrau et al.


Aschengrau, A., Ozonoff, D., Coogan, P., Vezina, R., Heeren, T., &  Zhang, Y. (1996). Cancer risk and residential proximity to cranberry cultivation in Massachusetts. American Journal of Public Health, 86, 1289-1296.

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Clapp, R. W., Cupples, L. A., Colton, T., Ozonoff, D. M. (1991). Cancer Surveillance of Veterans in Massachusetts, USA, 1982-1988. International Journal of Epidemiology, 20, 7-12.

Cross Sectional

Ozonoff, D., Colten, M. E., Cupples, A., Heeren, T., Schatzkin, A., Mangione, T., Dresner, M., & Colton, T. (1987). Health problems reported by residents of a neighborhood contaminated by a hazardous waste facility. American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 11, 581-597.